Welcome to

Creative Underwear for Men


A space where all men can explore their sensuality. Put on something sheer, sleek and subtle. Something special and set aside from your everyday underwear.  Something that makes you feel sexy with that french touch.

We are Sensualists

We give to the indulgence of the senses or appetites. We want the best product: the best fabrics, prioritizing a soft, smooth handle, exceptional fit and delicate details.

We are Playful

We explore, move, touch, hold. We want to experiment without shame. We want to play.

We are community-driven and inclusive of all humans.

We are building a community to have an open, positive and engaging conversation around masculinity and the spectrum of its expression.

We are challenging norms

We want to push boundaries and be disruptive, carving out space for men to feel sensual beyond the stereotypical images of the masculine.

We are environmentally conscious

With that speciality European hand, focusing on well designed, long-lasting garments, doing away with the fast fashion seasonal model. Making sure our carbon footprint is the lowest it can be.