Take care of your Creative Underwear for Men lingerie, and it will be faithful to you.

They are made from delicate materials that require a little extra love.

Always follow the care instructions on the labels of our products.

Before Washing

TIP 1 : Separate white and black from the colours.

TIP 2: Delicate fabrics should be turned inside out before washing. 


TIP 3 : Use delicate program 30° or 40°C. You can also wash by hand.

TIP 4 : Use a mild detergent, fabric softener, don’t use bleach or chlorine which attack the materials, the skin and can discolour your C.U.M. underwear. 

TIP 5 : Put your C.U.M. lingerie into a net washing bag and add this to your load. This will protect them from catching on other items in your wash, or being stretched by the machine. Use a washing net for your lingerie, 

TIP 6: Do not leave them in the drum of your machine for too long. Leaving your lingerie wet in the washing machine can damage the elasticity of the fabric. 

Drying and Beyond

TIP 6 : Opt for an open air drying, forget the dryer and the radiator, as these methods can damage the elasticity and shape of your lingerie. 

TIP 7 : Do not wring out your lingerie and don’t expose your Creative Underwear for Men lingerie to the direct sun.

TIP 8 :  Ironing is not recommended