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Respectful and Environmentally Conscious

We are committed to working in a more sustainable way by implementing eco-responsible actions: using local partners, sustainable materials, and respecting the working conditions of all our partners.

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What Guides Us

At Creative Underwear for Men, we take care of every detail and think about all the possible alternatives to take care of our planet. 

We are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to create a product that leaves the smallest impact while bringing joy and sensuality to YOU.

Italian Fabrics

At Creative Underwear for Men, we want to offer you undeniable comfort and elegance through our lingerie. For this, it was important for us to choose materials that resemble us. 

Notre sélection fine vous propose des matières de qualité qui respectent votre corps. Grâce à leur certification OEKO TEX 100 qui garantit une matière sans produits chimiques, respectueuse de la peau et de l'environnement. 

In line with our want to keep our supply chain local, all our fabrics are produced in Italy, to the finest Italian standard. 

Fabriqué au Portugal

Local manufacturing, in Europe, is very important to us for both the environmental impact of shipping as well as supporting local economies. We want to promote local employment in companies that work on a human scale.

Your underwear is hand-sewn with great finesse in Portugal, paying works fair wages, in good working conditions. 

Nous avons choisi le prix de la qualité.

Sustainable Packaging

To further limit our environmental impact, we have opted for recyclable and/or compostable packaging, with the use of plastic avoided as much as possible, and our chosen fabrics contain up to 50% recycled fibers. 

Our boxes are made of recycled paper, whilst our envelopes are made from non-toxic compostable resin.

Committed to you wellbeing, a quest for freedom

Beyond our lingerie, there is a real desire to improve your well-being.

Plus qu'une marque, c'est un état d'esprit. L'un de nos principaux objectifs est de vous faire sentir libre et naturellement à l'aise dans notre lingerie. 

Nous pensons que chaque homme devrait se sentir sexy dans son corps. Ce n'est pas souvent un terme utilisé pour décrire les hommes, mais nous voulons que cela change. Se sentir sexy, ce n'est pas avoir une certaine apparence ou jouer un rôle. Se sentir sexy, c'est un état d'esprit, un amour du beau corps que vous habitez, une acceptation de votre rayonnement intérieur et une expression personnelle de votre masculinité.