An intimate photoshoot with Margot and Dorian

Doran et Margot

We had the opportunity to meet Margot & Dorian, a young couple who posed for us during a shoot in a Parisian hotel. Margot comes from Bordeaux and Dorian from Paris. They met on an Instagram account Orgasme & Moi @orgasme_et_moi , thanks to CVDUCUL, a few months ago. Margot describes Dorian as a sensual man, in his way of being, in his voice, in his look, and in his behavior, making special note of the non-verbal aspects of his sensuality that are present in their moments together. Dorian has love in his eyes for Margot and finds the perfect alchemy between sensuality and sexiness. Margot finds her man has become more confident and more assertive since she met him, something she has loved seeing blossom in him. 

We took the opportunity to ask some questions to the young couple Margot and Dorian. 


Have you already taken pictures? How do you feel about it? 

Dorian: “it’s my first time in lingerie, I’m not used to it, but it’s not at all uncomfortable, on the contrary, very pleasant.

Margot: “I’ve already had the opportunity to do some photos, I had a bit of trouble to feel comfortable as I do at the beginning of each shoot, but it quickly subsided”.” 


What do you think of our products after having worn/seen them worn? 

Margot: “Dorian should wear more! It’s more eye-catching than a basic pair of underwear, with the play of transparency. It’s the material that made me want to feel them.” 

Dorian: “Very very comfortable, I thought that the transparency might be embarrassing, but not at all, in fact super sexy.  It’s as if you were wearing nothing, it’s super pleasant, very light. You feel the air passing over your butt”. 


What are your feelings after this shooting with C.U.M ? 

Margot “It made me want to do more (photoshoots), I was carried away and didn’t see the time pass. I was a bit stressed at the beginning, I didn’t know that the C.U.M & Chaud Marais teams were 100% female. But all good!”

Dorian “I felt very comfortable. I’m not used to posing but it was cool, I forgot about the camera. I just had fun and that was it. The wind from the window and that’s it (it was hot)”. 


Dorian, when would you wear C.U.M lingerie?

“For a special occasion, the goal for me is that it is seen. Party, sexy time etc…”


Have you ever looked for lingerie before?

“Yes I have looked for lingerie before, but I couldn’t find anything, except for tacky, basic, cheap stuff. I’m not attracted to the jockstrap. Because I’m “classic chic” with my colors, discretion and elegance are part of my selection criteria. I’m already flashy myself, I prefer to be clean and sophisticated.

We finish this photoshoot, Dorian chooses a pair of  Eden boxers, Margot confides that she prefers to see him in transparency with the Eden briefs

Dorian loved to see Margot in her “bone-me” Chaud Marais t-shirt

An association of two committed brands with strong values delighted the whole shoot team. 

Will you be tempted?