C.U.M. isn’t just a crass name for a brand. It’s a movement.

man wearing lingerie for men

When people hear first of our name, they laugh. Then it’s either branded as a “a great name” or people think I’m weird. Either way, they miss the point. We’re not only selling Lingerie for Men. We are creating a Lingerie for Men movement.

We are building movement for men to explore sexuality and masculinity in a new way.

There are plenty of options for women to experience and express their sensuality and sensibility; through friendship groups, experiences with new lovers, by wearing nice lingerie. But men? well…there’s not so much. Men, especially heterosexual men, are given very little room to explore concepts of sexuality.

Our research has indicated that many men don’t feel able to express their desires to peers or partners leaving vulnerability at the door, and Calvin Klein ends up being as sexy at its gets.

A movement of people who want to shift old ideas about masculinity and sensuality.

For men, that means no more hiding and bottling up your frustrations or your desires because of fears you may appear a ‘weak’ man. No more shame in wanting to wear something different, at the risk of being perceived as non-masculine sexuality isn’t binary; it’s a scale.

Our first brick in this movement is our product release of C.U.M. 

An underwear line catering for sexy, sheer and simply masculine men. 

Men can and also want to be wearing something special beneath what the world can’t see. Men love to please their lovers, but rarely in that way. Maybe because they never thought about it; but also perhaps because they were told it’s shameful to “look like a girl”. Here we say: let’s have them take a step toward sensuality without shame.

Why are we creating Lingerie for Men?

Our history is of a pattern of fragmentation and reconstitution. Sexuality, gender, and masculinity are just one of them. It is fair to say it is already happening: our society is slowly opening up to refreshed ideas about sexuality, gender, and self-expression. Lingerie for men is a movement. 

We want to be a part of this change with our customers. Together, we can create a significant shift toward openness.

C.U.M. is playful, but it isn’t a joke.

We don’t buy into the comedy and crass of the sex product industry. At Creative Underwear for Men we believe that sex is the extension of the way you feel about or with a person; that everything starts with comfort and confidence.

We think there needs to be a space for men and women to experiment themselves, without any judgment. And that’s what we are building.

Since our e-shop openned – we have catered to hundreds of men, women, trans, bi, gay, people from all gender and all orientation, all with the same desire to be see themselves and be seen in sexy lingerie made for their bodies. All with the same idea in mind: being sensual and sexy, doesn’t have gender. 

Our next steps?

Constantly looking out to support initiatives and brands like our who want to push the accepted limits of sexuality and masculinity. People and brand, who see the Lingerie for Men movement an essential component to shifting old ideas around masculinity.