Top 5 sexy ideas for a GREAT Valentine’s day

Celebration of Valentines Day

You’ve got a pair of the Eden Boxers sitting in your drawer and you are still looking for the best sexy ideas for a GREAT Valentine’s day? Don’t worry, we have a few ideas that will put the sexy into your evening.


A special Valentine’s Day cocoon

From the latest trendy boutique hotel to an iconic palace with an XXL pool, enjoy a mini-vacation right around the corner from your home. And create long-lasting memories with your special someone. is the website for french readers.

The great sexy education we all need

Jüne of the French Instagram account Jouissance Club blows a wind of freshness by proposing a manual of sexual education promoting pleasure accessible to all, woman, man, non-binary, straight, homo, bi, etc. The best possible idea for a great valentine’s day or evening celebrations! .

Find it in your local library.

Some BDSM Exploration time?

Maybe you have tested a few things, maybe you are waiting for the right moment. If this Valentine’s day feels like the day you try new things, then head over to Vous Monsieur, a French concept-store for everything BDSM. 

Visit VousMonsieur concept store

The Great Cliché: Flowers

Yes and? It’s not because it’s a cliché that you shouldn’t think about them. But you can have a twist. Dried flowers are now a trend and tend to be less wasteful than regular cut ones. Our friends at ‘Les Hellebores” offers a great selection of them. So, tempted?

Our friends at Les Hellobores for the Parisians folks.

The Chocolate. Yes, but a special one.

Who can resist those artsy pieces from heaven made out of chocolate? Our team can’t, and we had the share the burden. Head over to Patrick Roger for out of this world chocolate sculptures.

The best chocolate in the world.

That’s it for our first selection of sexy ideas for GREAT Valentine’s day. We could have added a lot more, but here’s a good start.

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